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Buddhist Prophet

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Publication Date: 01/01/1916

160 pages


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  • Preface
  • I. Nichiren and His Time
    • Nichiren the prophet
    • The social degeneracy and a Buddhist prediction
    • The political situation of his time
    • The “degenerate Buddhism”; the four schools of Buddhism
  • II. Nichiren’s Birth, Studies, and Conversion. The Lotus of Truth
    • Nichiren’s childhood and the years of his study
    • The final resort of his faith and the “Sacred Title” of the Scripture
    • The Lotus of Truth; its general nature
    • The introduction and the exposition of the ideal aim
    • The perpetuation of the Truth
    • The revelation of the real entity of Buddha’s personality
    • The “consummation and perpetuation”
    • Nichiren’s personal touch with the Scripture
  • III. Nichiren’s Public Appearance and Persecution
    • His proclamation of his new faith
    • His warning and the first exile
    • His perilous experiences and the “Stanzas of Perseverance”
    • Reflections on the relations of his mission
  • IV. An Interlude and a Narrow Escape
    • His pugnacious spirit and his tender heart
    • His mother and his old master
    • The peril of the pine forest and the escape
    • His missionary journeys and converts
  • V. The Threatening Mongol Invasion and the Sentence of Death
    • The arrival of the Mongol envoys and Nichiren’s renewed remonstrance
    • Prosecution and sentence of death; the narrow escape and a “resurrection”
    • Release from death and second exile
  • VI. The Exile in Sado and the Ripening of Nichiren’s Faith in his Mission
    • A calm reflection and the attainment of faith in his mission
    • His life in solitary exile
    • “The Heritage of the Great Thing Concerning Life and Death”
    • “Opening the Eyes”; the ethical aspects of religious life and faith
    • Absolute trust in Buddha’s prophetic assurance
    • A better time, and Nichiren’s thought about sin
  • VII. The Climax of Nichiren’s Life; The Graphic Representation of the Supreme Being
    • Peace in exile; the object of religious worship
    • The Supreme Being and the doctrine of “mutual participation”
    • The Supreme Being; the union of the Truth and his Person
    • “The Reality as It is” and the personal realization of Buddhahood
    • The revelation of the Great Mandala and further thoughts on his mission
  • VIII. Release and Retirement; Further Confirmation of His Faith
    • Nichiren’s attitude toward the government and the nation
    • His return to Kamakura and the last breach with the government
    • His retirement and his reason for retiring from the world
  • IX. A Paradise on Earth and the Holy See
    • Minobu, the place of retirement
    • The world and the individual; the ideal and the actual
    • “The Testimony Common to all Buddhas”
    • The true Buddhist creates a paradise everywhere
    • The Kingdom of Buddha and the Holy See
    • “The Three Great Mysteries”
  • X. Silent Prayer and Anxious Watching
    • The hope of the future and the present danger
    • The curse on the infidels
    • The curse and the sense of sinfulness, individual and national
    • Dedication of good to fellow-beings
    • Sense of indebtedness and fellowship
    • Nichiren’s world-wide scheme
    • The Mongol invaders and their final defeat
    • The holy person and the holy place
  • XI. The Last Stage of Nichiren’s Life and His Death
    • His ideas about illness and death
    • His last moments and his legacy
  • Appendix: The Buddhist Conception of Reality
    • I. The fundamental tenets of Buddhism concerning reality
    • II. Tendai’s doctrines of the Middle Path and reality
    • Chronological Table

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