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The Golden Years

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ISBN 9780674732018

Publication Date: 01/01/1974

669 pages


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  • Preface
  • Part One: Biography
    • 1. The Last Years in England
    • 2. Shelley in Italy
  • Part Two: Prose
    • 3. Political Philosophy
      • Letter in Defence of Richard Carlile
      • A Proposal for Putting Reform to the Vote
      • An Address to the People on the Death of the Princess Charlotte
      • A Philosophical View of Reform
    • 4. Philosophy, Religion, and Ethics
      • Speculations on Metaphysics
      • On Life
      • Essay on Christianity
      • On the Devil and Devils
      • Speculations on Morals
      • On Love
      • A Discourse on the Manners of the Antient Greeks
      • The Assassins
      • The Coliseum
      • Una Favola
    • 5. Shelley As Critic
      • A Defence of Poetry
  • Part Three: Poetry
    • 6. New Directions
      • Alastor
      • Prince Athanase
      • Hymn to Intellectual Beauty
      • Mont Blanc
    • 7. Shelley and Mary
      • Rosalind and Helen
      • Julian and Maddalo
      • Lines Written among the Euganean Hills
      • Letter to Maria Gisborne
      • The Witch of Atlas
      • Epipsychidion
      • The Sensitive Plant
      • Fragments of an Unfinished Drama
      • Lyrics
      • Translations
    • 8. The International Scene
      • The Revolt of Islam
    • 9. Political Poems
      • The Masque of Anarchy
      • Peter Bell the Third
      • Swellfoot the Tyrant
    • 10. The Lightning of the Nations
      • Ode to Liberty
      • Ode to Naples
      • Hellas
    • 11. Shelley As Dramatist
      • The Cenci
      • Charles the First
    • 12. The Poet and the Critic
      • Adonais
    • 13. Masks and Shadows
      • The Triumph of Life
    • 14. The Contemporary World and Its Promise
      • Prometheus Unbound, Acts I and II
    • 15. The World Transformed
      • Prometheus Unbound, Acts III and IV
  • Short Titles
  • Notes
  • Index

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