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Puzzling Identities

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ISBN 9780674732148

Publication Date: 02/15/2016


224 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

Institute for Human Sciences Vienna Lecture Series


  • I. “Identity Can Be a Complicated Matter”
    • 1. Learning the Language of Identity
      • Identity Questions: A Lexical Puzzle
      • Declaring One’s Identity
      • An American Concept
      • The Idea of an Identity Crisis
      • Identity According to Erikson: An Anthropological Notion
      • Identity after Erikson
      • A Question of Language
      • Plural Identity
    • 2. Of What Use Is the Concept of Identity?
      • Is There Such a Thing as Identity in This World?
      • The Comedy of Identity
      • The Principle of Individuation
      • The Logic of Proper Names
      • Identity Criteria
      • Is Identity Relative?
  • II. “Who Am I?”
    • 3. Identity in the Subjective Sense
      • “Who Am I?”
      • An Identity at Once Objective and Subjective
      • How Can Identity Be Subjectified?
      • To Be the Same in One’s Own Eyes
      • The Prince and the Cobbler
      • Recovering One’s Own Self
    • 4. The Disembedded Individual
      • The Right of Subjectivity
      • To Be or Not to Be Oneself?
      • The “Apprenticeship Years”
      • Modern Identity
      • Exercises in Self-Definition
      • Becoming a Modern Individual
      • The Future of Individualism
      • Expressive Identity
  • III. “Who Are We?”
    • 5. Collective Identities
      • “Who Are We?”
      • A Linguistic Difficulty
      • The Analogy between a Person and a People
      • The Logic of Collective Bodies
      • The Moral Person as Fictive Person
      • The Historical Identity of a City
      • A Sociological Definition of the Nation
      • The Enigma of Collective Individuality
    • 6. The “We” as Instituting Power
      • The Individuation of a “We”
      • The Composition of a “We”
      • The Instituting Power
      • Envoi
  • Works Cited
  • Index

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