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Women in the Muslim World

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  • Introduction [Nikki Keddie and Lois Beck]
  • Part One. General Perspectives on Legal and Socioeconomic Change
    • 1. Women and Law Reform in Contemporary Islam [Noel Coulson and Doreen Hinchcliffe]
    • 2. Legal Reform as an Indicator of Women’s Status in Muslim Nations [Elizabeth H. White]
    • 3. The Status and Fertility Patterns of Muslim Women [Nadia H. Youssef]
    • 4. Women and Social Change in Morroco [Vanessa Maher]
    • 5. Women in Turkish Society [Fatma Mansur Coşar]
    • 6. Women’s Emancipation in Tunisia [Mark A. Tessler with Janet Rogers and Daniel Schneider]
    • 7. Women in Algeria [Juliette Minces]
    • 8. Education and Employment among Kuwaiti Women [Kamla Nath]
    • 9. On Changing the Concept and Position of Persian Women [Michael M. J. Fischer]
    • 10. Legal and Social Positions of Iranian Women [Behnaz Pakizegi]
  • Part Two. Historical Perspectives
    • 11. Turkish Women in the Ottoman Empire: The Classical Age [Ian C. Dengler]
    • 12. Women as Patrons of Architecture in Turkey [Ülkü Ü. Bates]
    • 13. The Revolutionary Gentlewomen in Egypt [Afaf Lutfi al-Sayyid Marsot]
    • 14. Feminism and Nationalist Politics in Egypt [Thomas Philipp]
    • 15. Women and Revolution in Iran, 1905–1911 [Mangol Bayat-Philipp]
  • Part Three. Case Studies: Nomads, Villagers, Town and City Dwellers
    • 16. The Status of Women in Four Middle East Communities [Emrys L. Peters]
    • 17. Women among Qashqa’i Nomadic Pastoralists in Iran [Lois Beck]
    • 18. The Women’s Subsociety among the Shahsevan Nomads of Iran [Nancy Tapper]
    • 19. Changing Sex Roles in Bedouin Society in Syria and Lebanon [Dawn Chatty]
    • 20. Working Women in a Moroccan Village [Susan Schaefer Davis]
    • 21. The Status of Women and Property on a Baluchistan Oasis in Pakistan [Carroll McC. Pastner]
    • 22. Iranian women in Family Alliance and Sexual Politics [Paul Vieille]
    • 23. Women, Class, and Power: Examples from the Hatay, Turkey [Barbara C. Aswad]
    • 24. A Comparative Perspective on Women in Provincial Iran and Turkey [Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good]
    • 25. The Domestic Social Environment of Women and Girls in Isfahan, Iran [John Gulick and Margaret E. Gulick]
    • 26. Self-Images of Traditional Urban Women in Cairo [Sawsan el-Messiri]
    • 27. Women and the Neighborhood Street in Borj Hammoud, Lebanon [Suad Joseph]
  • Part Four. Ideology, Religion, and Ritual
    • 28.The Negotiation of Reality; Male–Female Relations in Sefrou, Morocco [Lawrence Rosen]
    • 29. Women, Sufism, and Decision-Making in Moroccan Islam [Daisy Hilse Dwyer]
    • 30. Sex Differences and Folk Illness in an Egyptian Village [Soheir A. Morsy]
    • 31. The Theme of Sexual Oppression in the North African Novel [Evelyne Accad]
    • 32. Women in Contemporary Persian Folktales [Erika Friedl]
    • 33. Being Female in a Muslim Minority in China [Barbara L. K. Pillsbury]
  • Contributors
  • Index

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