Cover: Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra in HARDCOVER

Harvard Judaic Texts and Studies 10

Rabbi Abraham Ibn Ezra

Studies in the Writings of a Twelfth-Century Jewish Polymath

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ISBN 9780674745544

Publication Date: 01/01/1993


224 pages

6 x 9 inches

Harvard Judaic Texts and Studies


Related Subjects

  • Foreword
  • Abraham Ibn Ezra as an Exegete [Nahum M. Sarna]
  • Some Astrological Themes in the Thought of Abraham Ibn Ezra [Y. Tzvi Langermann]
  • Interpreting the Interpreter: Supercommentaries on Ibn Ezra’s Commentaries [Uriel Simon]
  • Ibn Ezra in Modern Jewish Perspective [Jay M. Harris]
  • (In Hebrew) R. Abraham Ibn Ezra as a Philologist [Simhah Kogut]
  • (In Hebrew) Did R. Abraham Ibn Ezra Influence Maimonides? [Isadore Twersky]

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