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Religious Philosophy

A Group of Essays

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ISBN 9780674759008

Publication Date: 01/01/1961


294 pages

Belknap Press


  • 1. The Philonic God of Revelation and His Latterday Deniers
  • 2. Extradeical and Intradeical Interpretations of Platonic Ideas
    • A. Logos
    • B. Trinity
    • C. Attributes
  • 3. Immortality and Resurrection in the Philosophy of the Church Fathers
  • 4. Philosophical Implications of the Theology of Cyril of Jerusalem
  • 5. Philosophical Implications of Arianism and Apollinarianism
  • 6. St. Augustine and the Pelagian Controversy
  • 7. Ibn Khaldun on Attributes and Predestination
  • 8. Causality and Freedom in Descartes, Leibniz, and Hume
  • 9. The Veracity of Scripture from Pumo to Spinoza
    • A. The Problem and Its Solutions
    • B. The Origin of Languages, The Hebdomadal Period, and the Denary System
    • C. The Scriptural Chronology
    • D. Spinoza
  • 10. Spinoza and the Religion of the Past
  • 11. Sermonette: The Professed Atheist and the Verbal Theist
  • Index of Names, Subjects, and Terms

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