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Responsibility and the Moral Sentiments

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288 pages


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  • Introduction
    • The Problem
    • The Solution
    • Prospectus
  • Emotions and Expectations
    • The Approach Sketched
    • Narrowing the Class
    • Reactive and Nonreactive, Moral and Nonmoral
    • Irrational Guilt
  • Responsibility
    • Responsibility, Blame, and Moral Sanction
    • Responsibility and the Reactive Emotions
    • The Reactive Account and Moral Judgment
  • Methodological Interlude
    • Understanding the Debate
    • Strawson’s Arguments
    • Fairness
    • Strategies
  • Blameworthiness and the Excuses
    • Excuses and Intentions
    • Qualities of Will
    • A Typology of Excuses
    • Determinism and Excuses
  • Accountability and the Exemptions
    • Exemptions and Abilities
    • Exemptions: Some Cases
    • Determinism and Rational Powers
    • Comparisons and Contrasts
  • The Lure of Liberty
    • Avoidability and Harm
    • Opportunity and Possibility
    • Difficulty and Control
    • Oughts and Cans
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix: Further Emotional Vicissitudes
  • Appendix: Alternate Possibilities
  • Index

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