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Harvard English Studies 18

The Return of Thematic Criticism

Edited by Werner Sollors

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Publication Date: 01/01/1993


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Harvard English Studies


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Related Subjects

  • Introduction: “Theme” as a Theme [Werner Sollors]
  • I. General Essays
    • Theme and Interpretation [Menachem Brinker]
    • A Brief Genealogy of “Theme” [Nancy Armstrong]
    • Concept and Theme [Claude Bremond]
    • A Generative Approach to Thematics: Poetics of Expressiveness and Modern Criticism [Yuri K. Shcheglov]
    • Motif and Theme as Structural Content Units and “Concrete Universals” [Theodor Wolpers]
    • The Concept of Motif in Literature: A Terminological Study [Michel Vanhelleputte]
  • II. On Thematic Practice
    • Literary Histories and the Themes of Literature [David Perkins]
    • Thematics and Historical Evidence [Thomas Pavel]
    • Autumn Poems: Reflections on Theme as Tertium Comparationis [Holger Klein]
    • The Thematics of Jean-Pierre Richard [Léon Somville]
    • In Search of the Narrative Theme [Marie-Laure Ryan]
  • III. Case Studies
    • Shakespeare’s Themes, with Variations [Harry Levin]
    • “Topoi” of Realism: The Metamorphosis of Colors [Francesco Orlando]
    • Bachelors in Paradise: The State of a Theme [Lynn Wardley]
    • Topology and Typology: A Study of Shifting Sign/Code Relations [Juan Bruce-Novoa]
    • Wagner’s Parsifal between Mystery and Mummery; or, Race, Class, and Gender in Bayreuth [Theodore Ziolkowski]
  • IV. Short Takes
    • Love and Death [Leslie Fiedler]
    • Thematizing [J. M. Coetzee]
    • Reflections on Stoffgeschichte [Raymond Trousson]
    • Themes and the “Kernel of Truth” [Sander L. Gilman]
    • Beyond “Form vs. Theme” [Alexander Zholkovsky]
    • Roncevaux [George Steiner]
    • Selected Bibliography [Neal Dolan]

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