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Harvard East Asian Monographs 173

Riding the Black Ship

Japan and Tokyo Disneyland

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Publication Date: 05/01/1999


264 pages

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3 maps, 3 tables, 5 halftones, 4 line illustrations

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Related Subjects

  • Maps, Tables, and Figures
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
    • Theoretical Considerations
    • Globalization: Cultural Imperialism or Local Adaptation?
    • Japan as a Consumerist Society
    • Methodological Considerations
    • Traveling with Disney
    • A Short History of OLC and the TDL Project
  • Part I: Onstage
    • 1. America in Tokyo: The Remaking of Disneyland in Japan
      • The Dubbed Spiel: Jungle Cruise
      • Domesticating Disney: Cinderella’s Castle
      • Wishful History: Meet the World
    • 2. The Exotic and the Familiar
      • “America” on Stage
      • “Japan” on Stage
  • Part II: Backstage
    • 3. Working for TDL
      • Part-time Employees
      • Hiring and Training in TDL, Disney, and Kōrakuen
      • Regular Employees
    • 4. Organizational Culture and Organizational Critique
      • Service Culture and the “Manual Society”
      • The Smile Factory
      • The Taylorist System
      • Putting the Heart Back in the Manual
      • Taylorism, Service Work, and the Dialectic of Form and Feeling
  • Part III: Offstage
    • 5. The Theme Park Boom: Remaking the World in Japan
      • The Theme Park Boom
      • Japan’s Themed Lands in Sociological Perspective
    • 6. Receptions of TDL-Disney
      • Disneyland as Socialization: The Early Years
      • Office Ladies, Burikko, and Disney
      • TDL and Middle Age
      • The Problem with Leisure: Rejā/Asobi and Infantile Consumerism
    • 7. Traveling Theories: Aboard the Black Ship
      • The Culture Industry Revisited
      • The Black Ships of Glocalzation
  • Reference Matter
  • Notes
  • Works Cited
  • Index

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