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Schopenhauer and the Wild Years of Philosophy

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An impeccably documented and evenhanded biography of the brilliant, bad-tempered philosopher… Mr. Safranski’s book is delightful…with lively social histories of Danzig, Hamburg, Weimar, Dresden and Frankfurt; and lengthy, relevant excursions into the philosophies of Kant, Fichte, Hegel and the Romantics, among others.—Diane Weber, The Washington Times

[This book] will be the Schopenhauer biography of our time.Die Ziet

This biography by Rüdiger Safranski is marvelously full of detail and texture. He is completely at home in that fragmented world of German literary sub-culture.—Noel Malcolm, The Spectator

Safranski’s intelligent, informative, and comprehensive biography is the most complete and detailed account of the pained and paradoxical life of Arthur Schopenhauer. This [is a] sensitive, incisive, and in-depth study… Safranski’s polished work is a biographer’s biography, highly recommended to anyone interested in a stark and edifying vision of human existence and the man whose passionate and paradoxical life contradicted the oriental serenity he prescribed.Choice

Safranski’s comprehensive biography of this complex and fascinating man unfolds within a richly detailed portrayal of German literary and intellectual life in the nineteenth century. This lively blend of biography and historical narrative makes it an excellent choice for interested general readers as well as serious students of philosophy. This book is sure to become a standard work on Schopenhauer.—Raymond Frey, Library Journal

This biography succeeds admirably in placing Schopenhauer and his work in the varied milieux appropriate to them. The intellectual scene in Europe changed greatly during Schopenhauer’s working lifetime, and Safranski is excellent at conveying the atmosphere of the different places and periods… The considerable learning which enables Safranski to put all this together is quite unobtrusive. The style throughout is brisk and keeps the reader’s attention… It is a book the literate public will read with enjoyment.—J. B. Schneewind, Johns Hopkins University

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