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Harvard Contemporary China Series 5

Science and Technology in Post-Mao China

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Publication Date: 09/15/1988


  • Contributors
  • Abbreviations List
  • Introduction: The Onset of China’s New Technological Revolution [Merle Goldman and Denis Fred Simon]
  • I. Historical Precedents
    • 1. Technocratic Organization and Technological Development in China: The Nationalist Experience and Legacy, 1928–1953 [William C. Kirby]
    • 2. Learning from Russia: Lysenkoism and the Fate of Genetics in China, 1950–1986 [Laurence Schneider]
  • II. The Reorganization of Science and Technology
    • 3. Reform of China’s Science and Technology Organizational System [Tony Saich]
    • 4. Reforms and Innovations in the Utilization of China’s Scientific and Engineering Talent [Leo A. Orleans]
    • 5. China’s Industrial Innovation: The Influence of Market Forces [William A. Fischer]
    • 6. Organizational Reforms and Technology Change in the Electronics Industry: The Case of Shanghai [Detlef Rehn]
    • 7. Scientific Decision Making: The Organization of Expert Advice in Post-Mao China [Nina P. Halpern]
    • 8. The Impact of Returning Scholars on Chinese Science and Technology [O. Schnepp]
  • III. Application of the Science and Technology Reforms
    • 9. Issues in the Modernization of Medicine in China [Gail Henderson]
    • 10. Science and Technology in the Chinese Countryside [Athar Hussain]
    • 11. China’s Military R & D System: Reform and Reorientation [Wendy Frieman]
  • IV. Technology Transfer
    • 12. Technology Transfer and China’s Emerging Role in the World Economy [Denis Fred Simon]
    • 13. Acquiring Foreign Technology: What Makes the Transfer Process Work? [Roy F. Grow]
    • 14. DOS ex Machina: The Microelectronic Ghost in China’s Modernization Machine [Richard Baum]
  • Conclusion: Science, Technology, and China’s Political Future—A Framework for Analysis [Richard P. Suttmeier]
  • Notes
  • Index

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