Cover: Science under Socialism: East Germany in Comparative Perspective, from Harvard University PressCover: Science under Socialism in HARDCOVER

Science under Socialism

East Germany in Comparative Perspective

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Publication Date: 06/10/1999


448 pages

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4 line illustrations, 1 table


Related Subjects

  • Prologue: The Makings of Science under Socialism [Kristie Macrakis]
  • Introduction: Interpreting East German Science [Kristie Macrakis]
  • I. Policy
    • 1. Science, Higher Education, and Technology Policy [Eckart Förtsch]
    • 2. The Reform Package of the 1960s: The Policy Finale of the Ulbricht Era [Hubert Laitko]
    • 3. The Shadow of National Socialism [Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze]
    • 4. Espionage and Technology Transfer in the Quest for Scientific-Technical Prowess [Kristie Macrakis]
  • II. Institutions
    • 5. The Foundations of Diversity: Communist Higher Education Policies in Eastern Europe, 1945–1955 [John Connelly]
    • 6. From German Academy of Sciences to Socialist Research Academy [Peter Nötzoldt]
    • 7. The Unity of Science vs. the Division of Germany: The Leopoldina [Kristie Macrakis]
  • III. Disciplines and Professions
    • 8. Frustrated Technocrats: Engineers in the Ulbricht Era [Dolores L. Augustine]
    • 9. Chemistry and the Chemical Industry under Socialism [Raymond G. Stokes]
    • 10. Nuclear Research and Technology in Comparative Perspective [Burghard Weiss]
    • 11. Politics and Computers in the Honecker Era [Gary L. Geipel]
    • 12. Between Autonomy and State Control: Genetic and Biomedical Research [Rainer Hohlfeld]
  • IV. Biographies and Careers
    • 13. Robert Havemann: Antifascist, Communist, Dissident [Dieter Hoffmann]
    • 14. Kurt Gottschaldt and Psychological Research in Nazi and Socialist Germany [Mitchell G. Ash]
  • Abbreviations
  • Notes
  • Biographies of Contributors
  • Index

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