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The Scientific Estate

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$89.00 • £71.95 • €80.00

ISBN 9780674794856

Publication Date: 01/01/1965


336 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches

Belknap Press


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Always stimulating and never dull, this perceptive book by a distinguished social scientist gives hope that the ‘Two Cultures’ of C.P. Snow can interact for mutual benefit and not collide with mutual harm. It may well be the most important book in this area written to date.—Harry Schwartz, The New York Times

This book represents a crucial bench mark. It will serve as a starting basis for future scholarship in an area important to all citizens.—Philip H. Abelson, The Washington Post

Something of a triumph of subtlety and aspiration… This is a book about science that a humanist might be able to read; the only adequate word for it is ‘sophisticated.’—Eric Larrabee, Commentary

The Scientific Estate is a book that is hard to praise highly enough; indeed I can think of no book in the general field of government that deserves to rank with it in all the copious literature of the last decade and more.—Max Beloff, The Listener

Don K. Price has written a superb statement of contemporary political philosophy… This book is filed with acute observation and some new, purely intellectual, insights that a reader will wish he had seen first. If books, rather than print-outs, are still read in future colleges, this one should stay on the list for political philosophy for a long time. It deals with fundamental questions of power and freedom and the uses of knowledge for human welfare.—James L. McCamy, American Political Science Review

[To the understanding of] the broad subject of science and public policy, Don K. Price’s book has made a major contribution. It may not be too soon to predict that The Scientific Estate will become a classic.—Brewster C. Denny, Public Administration Review

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