Cover: Scientific Management, Socialist Discipline, and Soviet Power, from Harvard University PressCover: Scientific Management, Socialist Discipline, and Soviet Power in HARDCOVER

Russian Research Center Studies 84

Scientific Management, Socialist Discipline, and Soviet Power

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Publication Date: 09/02/1988


  • Introduction
  • Part I. The First Cycle
    • 1. From Revolution to Rationalization
      • Early Encounters
      • Adults and Children
      • First Steps
      • How Not to Work
      • A Cheka for Organization
      • The Agitator and the Stopwatch
    • 2. Scientific Management at the Helm
      • The Politics of Technocracy
      • Education or Training
      • The Commissariat of Organization
      • The Bureaucratic Economy
    • 3. Stalinism as Antibureaucracy
      • Wreckers and Rationalizers
      • Cultural Revolutions
      • A Fatal Reform
      • From Rationalization to Coercion
    • 4. The Triumph of Violence
      • The Revolt against Rationality
      • “Cadres Decide Everything”
      • The School of Life
  • Part II. The Second Cycle
    • 5. The Rebirth of Managerialism
      • “Harebrained Schemes” and Administrative Secularization
      • The “Idealists” and the “Practical Men”
      • Complex Approaches
    • 6. The Science of Victory
      • The Politics of Executive Training
      • Pink and Not Quite Expert
      • The Case Study and the Business Game
      • Professionalization from Above
    • 7. The Irrational Rationalizers
      • The Classroom and the Factory
      • Clients and Experts
      • The Wheel of the Treadmill
      • The Abacus and the Computer
    • 8. Discipline and Reform
      • The Indulgency Pattern
      • Rationalization and Responsibility
      • Discipline or Decentralization
  • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Index

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