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The rise and spectacular growth of Nationalist movements in Scotland and Wales has transformed the British political scene overnight. It seems possible—indeed probable—that both countries will return a large body of Nationalist M.P.s to Westminster at the next general election; and, if they do, Home Rule in one form or another is surely inevitable?

In the circumstances, Professor H. J. Hanham’s lively, sympathetic and very well informed account of Scottish Nationalism could hardly be more timely. As he points out, Scotland is a state within a state. With a national church, a distinctive legal system, the Scottish banks, a separate administration and a peculiarly Scottish system of local government, Scotland stands apart from England and has done so since the Union of 1707. The majority of Scots and Scottish M.P.s supported Home Rule for Scotland from 1892 down to the First World War and for some time afterwards; and when Home Rule did not come, a nationalist movement developed, which has had a continuous existence since 1918. And there have been three nationalist ’revivals’—at the beginning of the 1930s, at the beginning of the 1950s, and since 1966. The first Scottish National Party M.P. was elected in 1945, the second in 1967. That there will be many more before long seems certain.

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