Cover: Serbocroatian Heroic Songs, Volume 3: The Wedding of Smailagić Meho in HARDCOVER

Milman Parry Collection, Texts and Translations 1

Serbocroatian Heroic Songs, Volume 3: The Wedding of Smailagić Meho

Avdo Međedović

Compiled by Milman Parry

Edited and translated by Albert B. Lord

David E. Bynum

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$23.95 • £19.95 • €21.50

ISBN 9780674801639

Publication Date: 01/01/1974


In researching this collection, Milman Parry set out to test the theories he had evolved on oral epic, theories that were to introduce a new era of Homeric scholarship. In the Balkans, one of the few areas where a living tradition of oral heroic poetry was still to be found, he observed firsthand how unlettered singers composed their poems, and collected more than 1,200 hours of poetic performance from the most experienced bards. Comprising representative texts and translations from the Parry Collection, this series records the South Slavic tradition.

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