Cover: Serbocroatian Heroic Songs, Volume 6: Bijelo Polje: Three Texts from Avdo Međedović in HARDCOVER

Milman Parry Collection, Texts and Translations 4

Serbocroatian Heroic Songs, Volume 6: Bijelo Polje: Three Texts from Avdo Međedović

Ženidba Vlahinjić Alije, Osmanbeg Delibegović i Pavičević Luka

Compiled by Milman Parry

Edited and translated by David E. Bynum

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$26.50 • £21.95 • €24.00

ISBN 9780674801660

Publication Date: 10/27/1980


The Wedding of Vlahinjic Alija represents a unique experiment in field collecting of oral traditional epic poetry. In order to determine whether and exactly how the text of a long epic would change as the best of oral poets told and retold it, Milman Parry first made a complete audio-recording of Avdo Međedović singing this long heroic narrative, and then some days later had the entire epic taken down again by dictation from the same singer.

Both texts, the sung (6053 verses) and the dictated (5883 verses) are presented in this volume, showing precisely the effects both of recomposition and of the “intervention” of writing by an amanuensis. Osmanbeg Delibegović i Pavičević Luka is 13,326 verses long, a modern oral traditional epic of truly Homeric length. It is the longest complete and continuous oral epic text that has yet been recorded anywhere in the modern world.

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