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Sex and Reason

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Publication Date: 01/01/1994


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  • Introduction
  • I. The History of Sexuality
    • 1. Theoretical Sexology
      • The Development of the Field
      • Social Constructionism (with a Glance at Gender Disorders)
      • Other Threads in the Multidisciplinary Tapestry
    • 2. Autres Temps, Autres Moeurs
      • The History of Western Sexual Mores
      • The Sexual Mores of Non-Western Cultures
    • 3. Sexuality and Law
  • II. A Theory of Sexuality
    • 4. The Biology of Sex
      • The Biological Basis and Character of “Normal” Sex
      • The Biology of “Deviant” Sex
      • Conclusion and Critique
    • 5. Sex and Rationality
      • The Benefits of Sex
      • The Costs of Sex
      • Complementarity of Sexual Practices
    • 6. The History of Sexuality from the Perspective of Economics
      • Greek Love and the Institutionalization of Pederasty
      • Monasticism, Puritanism, and Christian Sex Ethics
      • Swedish Permissiveness
      • Three Stages in the Evolution of Sexual Morality
    • 7. Optimal Regulation of Sexuality
      • The Model of Morally Indifferent Sex Elaborated
      • The Externalities of Sex
      • Incest and Revulsion
      • The Efficacy of Sexual Regulations
      • Designing an Optimal Punishment Scheme for Sex Crimes
      • The Political Economy of Sexual Regulation
    • 8. Moral Theories of Sexuality
      • Are Moral Theories Falsifiable?
      • Christian and Liberal Theories of Sex
      • Sexual Radicals
  • Part III: The Regulation of Sexuality
    • 9. Marriage and the Channeling of Sex
      • Restrictions on Marrying
      • Regulating Nonmarital Sex
    • 10. The Control of Pregnancy
      • Contraception
      • Abortion
    • 11. Homosexuality: The Policy Questions
      • The Phenomenon Reconsidered
      • Relations between Consenting Adults: Sodomy Laws and Homosexual Marriage
      • Discrimination against Homosexuals, with Particular Reference to Military Service
    • 12. The Sexual Revolution in the Courts
      • From Griswold v. Connecticut to Roe v. Wade
      • Bowers v. Hardwick and Beyond
    • 13. Erotic Art, Pornography, and Nudity
      • The Economy of Erotic Representation
      • The Social Consequences of Pornography
      • Deciding What—If Anything—to Punish
    • 14. Coercive Sex
      • Sexual Abuse of Adults
      • Sexual Abuse of Children
    • 15. Separating Reproduction from Sex
      • Adoption
      • Artificial Insemination and the Issue of Surrogate Motherhood
      • Eugenics and Population
  • Conclusion
  • Acknowledgements
  • Index

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