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The Share Economy

Conquering Stagflation

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Publication Date: 01/01/1986

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In what may be the most important contribution to economic thought since John Maynard Keynes’s General Theory, Martin Weitzman suggests an elegant way to break the link between employment and the business cycle.The New York Times

Fascinating… Our own Nobel Prize winner James Meade…describes the book as ‘important, stimulating, readable, and persuasive.’ In America, Robert Solow and Paul Samuelson have praised Weitzman’s ideas as ‘brilliant,’ ‘marvelous’ and ‘pioneering research.’… Weitzman’s idea is an important and exciting proposal.The Guardian

Intriguing and elegantly simple.The New Republic

Convincing… an arresting and plausible argument. This is a compelling case in an important work. Mr. Weitzman has pointed the way to a reform with real promise.The Wall Street Journal

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