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A Sor Juana Anthology

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$33.00 • £26.95 • €29.50

ISBN 9780674821217

Publication Date: 02/01/1990


264 pages

5-5/8 x 9-1/4 inches


A selection of the Mexican nun’s work in excellent versions by Alan Trueblood. It successfully reflects the versatility of Sor Juana, whose styles range from spirited popular lyrics, some incorporating snatches of Nahuatl or Afro-Spanish refrains, to the learned conceits of her full-blown Gongorist manner.—Edwin Williamson, London Review of Books

Sor Juana with her intricate conceits, torrents of imagery and baroque opulence…inspires and challenges Trueblood to transform the Spanish verse forms into contemporary equivalents. He triumphs.—Robert Taylor, The Boston Globe

[Trueblood] is astonishingly successful at rendering Sor Juana’s Baroque complexities and her elusive simplicities.—Richard Eder, The Los Angeles Times Book Review

This anthology projects a masterful vision of Sor Juana. The selection, translations, and commentary are laudable. A voice once silenced is most resonant.—Edward H. Friedman, Modern Language Review

A genuine poet in English himself, Alan Trueblood makes Sor Juana’s poetry rise to new life in clear modern verse vibrant with metaphysical passion and baroque precision. This volume of poetry and prose is now the best brief introduction available in English to the mind and sensibility of New Spain’s greatest woman.—Georgina Sabat-Rivers

Trueblood’s translations are superb. I marvel at their precision and grace.—Nina M. Scott

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