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A Source Book in Geology, 1900–1950

Edited by Kirtley F. Mather

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ISBN 9780674822757

Publication Date: 01/01/1967


456 pages

6 x 9 inches

40 line illustrations, 1 map, 8 tables

Source Books in the History of the Sciences


  • Secondary Enrichment of Ore Deposits [Samuel Franklin Emmons]
  • Diastrophism as the Ultimate Basis of Correlation [Thomas Crowder Chamberlin]
  • The Sculpture of Mountains by Glaciers [William Morris Davis]
  • Origin of Limestone Caverns [William Morris Davis]
  • Structure and Cleavage [Friedrich Becke]
  • The Constitution of the Interior of the Earth as Revealed by Earthquakes [Richard Dixon Oldham]
  • Dreikanter and Ventifacts [John William Evans]
  • Principles of Paleogeography [Charles Schuchert]
  • The Profile of Maturity in Alpine Glacial Erosion [Willard Drake Johnson]
  • Elastic Rebound: The Cause of Tectonic Earthquakes [Harry Fielding Reid]
  • Metasomatism [Waldemar Lindgren]
  • Movement of Stones by Frost Action [Axel Hamberg]
  • Criteria for the Recognition of Ancient Delta Deposits [Joseph Barrell]
  • The Status of the Theory of Isostasy [Joseph Barrell]
  • Swinging Sealevel of the Ice Age [Reginald Aldworth Daly]
  • Origin of Submarine “Canyons” [Reginald Aldworth Daly]
  • Radioactive Timekeepers [Ernest Rutherford]
  • Classification and Duration of the Pleistocene Period [George Frederick Kay]
  • Solifluction, a Component of Subaerial Denudation [Joran Gunner Andersson]
  • Quartz as a Geological Thermometer [Frederic Eugene Wright and Esper Signius Larsen, Jr.]
  • Sedimentation in Geosynclines [Owen Thomas Jones]
  • The Significance of Red Color in Sediments [Percy Edward Raymond]
  • The Rate of Regional Denudation [Richard Bryant Dole and Herman Stabler]
  • The Mineral Facies of Rocks [Pentii Eells Eskola]
  • On the Principles of Metamorphic Differentiation [Pentii Eells Eskola]
  • The Origin of Granitic Magmas [Pentii Eells Eskola]
  • The Geologic Role of Dilatancy [Warren Judson Mead]
  • A Geochemical Genetic Classification of Pegmatites [Akeksandr Yevgen’yevich Fersman]
  • On the Direction of Magnetization in Basalt [Motonori Matsuyama]
  • The Batholith Problem [Hans Cloos]
  • Convection-currents in the Earth [Felix Andries Vening-Meinesz]
  • Mountain Pediments [Kirk Bryan]
  • Cryopedology: The Study of Frozen Ground and Intensive Frost-Action with Suggestions on Nomenclature [Kirk Bryan]
  • The Mountain-building Cycle [Walter Hermann Bucher]
  • The Cycle of Erosion [Walther Penck]
  • Active and Passive Glacial Ice and a Classification of Glaciers [Hans Wilhelmsson Ahlmann]
  • Mobility of the Earth’s Interior [Beno Gutenberg]
  • The Time Factor in Plutonic Geology [Herbert Harold Read]
  • The Structure of Silicates [William Lawrence Bragg]
  • Syneclises, Anticlises, Placanticlines, and Associated Structures [Nikolay Sergeyevich Shatskiy]
  • An Experimental Study of the Physics of Blown Sand [Ralph Alger Bagnold]
  • Immobility of Settled Dust and Loess [Ralph Alger Bagnold]
  • Transformation of Organic Material into Petroleum under Geological Conditions: “The Geological Fence” [Benjamin Burton Cox]
  • Correlation and Extent of Pennsylvanian Cyclothems [Harold Rollin Wanless and James Marvin Weller]
  • North Atlantic Deep-sea Cores [Wilmot Hugh Bradley, Milton Nunn Bramlette, Joseph Augustine Cushman, and Lloyd George Henbest]
  • Mobility and Inertness of Components in Metasomatism [Dimitriy Sergeyevich Korshinskiy]
  • The Solubility of Water in Granite Magmas [Roy Waldemar Goranson]
  • An Instrumental Earthquake Magnitude Scale [Charles Francis Richter]
  • The Cycle of Activity of a Lava Flow [Fred Mason Bullard]
  • The Megascopic and Field Classification of Sedimentary Rocks [Paul Dimitri Krynine]
  • Modern Concepts of Clay Minerals [Ralph Early Grim]
  • The Role of Temperature in Metamorphism [Martin Julian Buerger]
  • Entrapment of Petroleum under Hydrodynamic Conditions [Marion King Hubbert]
  • Geosynclinal Nomenclature and the Craton [George Marshall Kay]
  • Studies of Redox Potential of Marine Sediments [Claude Ephraim Zobell]
  • Concept of the Graded River [Joseph Hoover Mackin]
  • Interpretation of the Stratigraphic Distribution of Foraminifera in Bottom Samples from the Equatorial Atlantic Ocean [Wolfgang Ernst Schott]
  • Drowned Ancient Islands of the Pacific Basin [Harry Hammond Hess]
  • Mechanics of the Formation of Folds [Vladimir Vladimirovich Belousov]
  • The Evolution of Landscapes [Lester Charles King]
  • Radiocarbon Dating [Willard Frank Libby]
  • The Pattern and Possible Cause of Young Mountain Ranges and Island Arcs [John Tuzo Wilson]
  • Experimental Flow of Rocks under Conditions Favoring Recrystallization [David Tressel Griggs]
  • Recent and Pleistocene Coral Reefs of Australia [Rhodes Whitmore Fairbridge]
  • The Stability and Significance of Magnetism in Sedimentary Rocks [John Warren Graham]
  • Guide to Subject Matter
  • Index

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