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A Source Book in Physics

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Publication Date: 01/01/1935


636 pages

111 line illustrations, 17 tables

Source Books in the History of the Sciences


  • General Editor’s Preface
  • Author’s Preface
  • Part 1: Mechanics
    • Galileo: Life. Acceleration and Laws of Falling Bodies. The Pendulum. Motion of Projectiles.
    • Stevinus: Life. The Inclined Plane.
    • Huygens: Life. Theorems on Centrifugal Force.
    • Newton: Life. Definitions. Axioms or Laws of Motion.
    • Varignon: Life. Varignon’s Theorem. Jean Bernoulli’s Principle of Virtual Velocities.
    • Descartes: Life. Quantity of Motion.
    • Leibnitz: Life. Quantity of Motion.
    • D’Alembert: Life. Quantity of Motion.
    • Young: Life. Energy.
    • Lagrange: Life. Principle of Virtual Velocities.
    • Poinsot: Life. Forces and Couples.
  • Part 2: Properties of Matter
    • Galileo: Rise of Water in a Pump.
    • Torricelli: Life. The Barometer.
    • Pascal: Life. Experiments with the Barometer. Fluid Pressure.
    • Von Guericke: Life. The Air Pump.
    • Boyle: Life. Relations of Pressure and Volume of Air.
    • Mariotte: Life. Relations of Pressure and Volume of Air.
    • Newton: Law of Gravitation.
    • Hooke: Life. Law of Elastic Force.
    • Young: Modulus of Elasticity.
    • Coulomb: Life. The Force of Torsion. Sliding Friction.
    • Cavendish: Life. The Density of the Earth.
    • Torricelli: Efflux of Liquids.
    • Ampère: Molecules and Atoms.
  • Part 3: Sound
    • Mersenne: Life. Musical Tones Produced by Strings.
    • Wallis: Life. Vibrations of Parts of Strings.
    • Sauveur: Life. Harmonics or Overtones.
    • Helmholtz: Life. The Quality of Musical Tones.
  • Part 4: Heat
    • Newton: A Scale of the Degrees of Heat.
    • Amontons: Life. An Air-pressure Thermometer.
    • Fahrenheit: Life. The Fahrenheit Scale.
    • Taylor: Life. The Temperatures of Mixtures.
    • Black: Life. Specific Heat. Latent Heat. Of Vapour and Vaporisation.
    • Rumford: Life. Convection of Heat. Heat Produced by Friction.
    • Davy: Life. Heat Produced by Friction.
    • Gay-Lussac: Life. The Expansion of Gases by Heat. Free Expansion of Gases.
    • Joule: Free Expansion of Gases.
    • Joule and Thomson: Free Expansion of Gases.
    • Fourier: Life. Theory of Dimensions.
    • Dulong and Petit: Lives. Atomic Heat.
    • Cagniard de la Tour: Life. Critical Temperature.
    • Andrews: Life. Critical Temperature.
    • Cailletet: Life. Liquefaction of Oxygen, etc.
    • Pictet: Life. Liquefaction of Oxygen.
    • Mayer: Life. The Conservation of Energy.
    • Joule: Life. Mechanical Equivalent of Heat.
    • Helmoltz: The Conservation of Energy.
    • Carnot: Life. The Motive Power of Heat.
    • Clausius: Life. The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Entropy.
    • Kelvin: Life. An Absolute Scale of Temperature. The Second Law of
    • Thermodynamics. An Absolute Scale of Temperature.
    • D. Bernoulli: Life. Kinetic Theory of Gases.
    • Brown: Life. The Brownian Movements.
    • Joule: The Velocity of Gaseous Molecules.
    • Maxwell: Life. The Distribution of Molecular Velocities.
    • Boltzmann: Life. Entropy and Probability.
  • Part 5: Light
    • Descartes: Refraction of Light. The Rainbow.
    • Fermat: Life. Refraction of Light.
    • Bartholinus: Life. Double Refraction.
    • Huygens: Huygens’ Principle. Reflection of Light. Refraction of Light.
    • Double Refraction and Polarization.
    • Grimaldi: Life. Diffraction of Light.
    • Newton: Dispersion of Light. The Nature of Light.
    • Young: Interference of Light. Interference of Light.
    • Malus: Life. Polarization by Reflection.
    • Fresnel: Life. Diffraction of Light. Diffraction of Light.
    • Arago and Fresnel: Life of Arago. Interference of Polarized Light.
    • Romer: Life. The Velocity of Light.
    • Bradley: Life. The Velocity of Light.
    • Fizeau: Life. The Velocity of Light.
    • Foucault: Life. The Velocity of Light.
    • Stokes: Life. Fluorescence.
    • Faraday: Magnetic Rotation of the Plane of Polarization.
    • Kirchhoff: Life. The Fraunhofer Lines. Emission and Absorption.
    • Balmer: Life. The Hydrogen Spectral Series.
    • Rowland: Life. Plane and Concave Gratings.
    • Michelson and Morley: Lives. The Michelson-Morley Experiment.
    • Stefan: Life. Temperature Radiation.
    • Christiansen: Life. Anomalous Dispersion.
    • Kundt: Life. Anomalous Dispersion.
    • Zeeman: Life. The Zeeman Effect.
  • Part 6: Magnetism and Electricity
    • Gilbert: Life. Magnetism and Electricity.
    • Von Guericke: Electric Attractions and Repulsions.
    • Gray: Life. Electric Conductors and Nonconductors.
    • Du Fay: Life. The Two Fluid Theory of Electricity.
    • Franklin: Life. The One Fluid Theory of Electricity. The Electric Kite.
    • Nollet: Life. The Leyden Jar.
    • Aepinus: Life. Pyroelectricity.
    • Coulomb: Law of Electric Force. Law of Magnetic Force.
    • Galvani: Life. The Electric Current.
    • Volta: Life. The Voltaic Pile.
    • Nicholson: Life. The Decomposition of Water.
    • Oersted: Life. The Action of Currents on Magnets.
    • Biot and Savart: Lives. Biot and Savart’s Law.
    • Arago: Magnetization by the Current. Magnetism of Rotation.
    • Ampère: Life. New Names. Actions between Currents. The Solenoid. Circuits and Magnetic Shells.
    • Seebeck: Life. Thermoelectric Currents.
    • Ohm: Life. Ohm’s Law.
    • Faraday: Life. Induced Currents. Self-induction. Static Electric Induction. Laws of Electrolysis. The Charge Resides on Surface. Specific Inductive Capacity. Diamagnetism. Physical Lines of Magnetic Force.
    • Lenz: Life. Lenz’s Law.
    • Henry: Life. Self-induction. The Oscillatory Discharge.
    • Gauss: Life. The Absolute Measure of Magnetic Force.
    • Joule: Joule’s Law.
    • Maxwell: A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field.
    • Rowland: The Magnetic Effect of Electric Convection.
    • Hall: Life. The Hall Effect.
    • P. Curie: Piezoelectricity.
    • Hertz: Life. Electric Radiation.
    • Hittorf: Life. The Cathode Discharge.
    • Crookes: Life. The Cathode Discharge.
    • Goldstein: Life. The Canal Rays.
    • Hallwachs: Life. Electric Discharge by Light.
    • Perrin: Life. The Negative Charges in the Cathode Discharge.
    • J. J. Thomson Life. The Electron.
    • Wien: Life. The Canal Rays.
    • Roentgen: Life. The Roentgen Rays.
    • H. Bequerel: Life. The Radiation from Uranium.
    • P. and M. S. Curie: Lives. Polonium. Radium.
  • Index

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