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Russian Research Center Studies 37

The Soviet Bloc

Unity and Conflict, Revised and Enlarged Edition

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Publication Date: 01/01/1967


624 pages

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Russian Research Center Studies


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Brzezinski…is uniquely qualified to sift the scattered and often seemingly contradictory data on this subject… [T]he volume is marked by unusual insight, richness of information, and stimulating thought.The New York Times

Brzezinski’s definitive work on the rise and dissolution of the Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe…is compellingly lucid, unfolds effortlessly, and remains happily unencumbered by jargon. The first edition…was one of the significant pioneering efforts in systematizing the analysis of Communism in Eastern Europe, yet it had all the hallmarks of authorship by a profoundly political thinker. The present Revised and Enlarged Edition, more than ever, uses a political approach toward essentially political phenomena in a part of the world which traditionally thinks in political terms…[and] reveals an encyclopaedic grasp of contemporary developments.The New Leader

An original and incisive analysis of the dynamics of leadership in the Communist camp and of the national factors that condition this leadership.American Historical Review

This distinguished book analyzes the origins, evolution, and fragmentation of the once unified Communist world. Though the focus is still on relations between the Soviet Union and the East European countries, there is an expanded treatment of the Sino–Soviet dispute. With skill and insight, Brzezinski traces the transformation of the Soviet bloc into a more complicated alliance system, in which Moscow plays a leading, but no longer unchallenged, role. This is a masterful account of the interaction between ideology and power among the Communist states.Current History

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