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Russian Research Center Studies 89

Stealing the State

Control and Collapse in Soviet Institutions

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ISBN 9780674836808

Publication Date: 01/07/1998


352 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

5 line illustrations, 21 tables

Russian Research Center Studies


  • Introduction
  • Objectives of This Book
  • The Approach
  • The Basic Argument
  • Outline of the Book
  • 1. Control and Collapse: Reformulating Traditional Approaches
    • A Framework for Analyzing Institutional and Policy Change
    • Power and Control in Soviet Institutions: “Traditional” Theories
    • Summary
  • 2. Control and Collapse: Neoinstitutional Approaches
    • Neoinstitutional Approaches to Hierarchy
    • Explaining Institutional Change
    • Behavioral Theories: “What’s So Neo about Neoinstitutionalism?”
    • Summary
  • 3. Testing Theories of Institutional Change: The Soviet Youth Program
    • A Strategy for Hypothesis Testing
    • Comrades and Sons: Generational Conflict and Soviet Policy
    • Summary
  • 4. The Communist Youth League
    • Background
    • Institutional Dynamics within the Komsomol
    • Crisis and Collapse of the All-Union Komsomol
    • Summary
  • 5. Job Assignments for University Graduates
    • Background
    • Institutional Dynamics of Raspredelenie
    • The Collapse of the Job Assignments System
    • Summary
  • 6. Universal Military Service
    • Background
    • Institutional Dynamics of Conscription Policy
    • Crisis and Breakdown of the Conscription System
    • Summary
  • 7. The Breakdown of Hierarchy: Comparative Perspectives
    • Reviewing the Case Study Evidence
    • Additional Manifestations of Soviet Institutional Breakdown
    • Chinese Reforms: Successful Decentralization
  • 8. Conclusions and Extensions: Control and Collapse in Hierarchies
    • Hierarchical Control and Collapse in Non-Communist Environments
    • After the Collapse: institutions in the Post-Communist States
  • Appendix: Data Sources
  • Notes
  • Glossary and Abbreviations
  • Index

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