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Structural Holes

The Social Structure of Competition

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$37.00 • £29.95 • €33.50

ISBN 9780674843714

Publication Date: 08/11/1995


324 pages

6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches

63 line illustrations, 16 tables


A major contribution to structural sociology that will stimulate the imaginations of scholars in disciplines as diverse as sociology, economics, strategy, and marketing.—George M. Zinkhan, Journal of Marketing

Structural Holes proves that basic and applied research, micro and macro levels of analysis, and parsimonious and opulent theorizing are not mutual exclusions.—Barry Markovsky, Contemporary Sociology

In this well-crafted and rich volume, Ronald Burt provides an integration of his previous network studies that makes a substantial contribution to research on the social structure of economic phenomena… The book succeeds on several levels.—Mark Shanley, American Journal of Sociology

The theoretical ideas in [Structural Holes] are bold, creative, and parsimonious…there is superb handling of data. Both in his theorizing and in his methodology, in all brevity, Burt displays that rare quality which C. Wright Mills termed ‘the sociological imagination.’—Richard Swedberg, Acta Sociologica

Structural Holes makes an important contribution to clarifying the connection between macrosociological and microsociological levels of analysis… By combining sociological theory and outstanding empirical research from different interaction contexts, Burt creates a model for sociological work in general.—Bernard Barber, Columbia University

Structural Holes is an important book that works on many levels. It is a major contribution to economic and organizational sociology that will stimulate the imaginations of students of families, international politics, and individual personality as well; a work of extraordinary sophistication that is engaging enough to assign to master students; and a development of rational models of action that combines the elegance of game theory with the realism of network analysis.—Paul DiMaggio, Princeton University

Burt’s Structural Holes is a milestone in the continuing development of structural sociology. It combines sophisticated theory, advanced quantitative methods, and application to problems of competitive analysis that demonstrate the value of a sociological perspective.—John Freeman, Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

A sociological masterwork of structural analysis distinguished in every aspect: theoretical, methodological, empirical. Bound to be a standard-setting book for years to come.—Robert K. Merton, Columbia University

Structural Holes is to management what the X-ray was to medicine. Ron Burt has made visible what before could only be inferred: the hidden structure of the ‘informal organization.’ Those who gain the ‘sight’ this book offers will have acquired an unprecedented power to lead.—Don Ronchi, organizational consultant

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