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Harvard English Studies 8

Studies in Biography

Edited by Daniel Aaron

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ISBN 9780674846524

Publication Date: 04/25/1978


200 pages

Harvard English Studies


  • The “Real Life” [Justin Kaplan]
  • Authorized Biography and Its Discontents [Edward Mendelson]
  • English “Cliographers”: A Preliminary Inquiry [John Clive]
  • “Hanging Up Looking Glasses at Odd Corners”: Ethnobiographical Prospects [James Clifford]
  • Johnson’s Life of Savage: The Transformation of a Genre [Virginia Spencer Davidson]
  • Boswell and the Problem of Biography [William C. Dowling]
  • Transcendental Biography: Carlyle and Emerson [Kenneth Marc Harris]
  • Semiprivate Lives [Jean Strouse]
  • Eulogy as Symbolic Biography: The Iconography of Revolutionary Leadership, 1776–1826 [Michael T. Gilmore]
  • Thomas Shepard’s America: The Biography of an Idea [Andrew Delbanco]
  • Emerson in 1838: Essaying to Be [Joel Porte]

Awards & Accolades

  • Daniel Aaron Is a 2010 National Humanities Medal Winner
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