Cover: Studies in the Comic Spirit in Modern Japanese Fiction in HARDCOVER

Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 41

Studies in the Comic Spirit in Modern Japanese Fiction

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ISBN 9780674847118

Publication Date: 05/27/1998


This is a book for the educated devotee of Japanese fiction, or the catholic literary scholar, or the enthusiastic plunger with a penchant for the deep end. To categorise it as one for the expert might be off-putting. It may be a case of caviare to the general. The author’s understanding of the depths and subtleties of the Japanese language compels admiration. His ability to relate the work of his subjects, Ibuse Masuji, Dazai Osamu, and Inoue Hisashi, to the wider and more distant literary contexts of Aristophanes, Rabelais, Molière and Bergson is not showmanship, but scholarship.—Sidney Giffard, Japan Society

Despite the flourish of Western studies of Japanese literature in the past few decades, the comic spirit in modern Japanese fiction has been largely overlooked, and Joel Cohn in this pioneering project has undertaken the challenging task of identifying the source of laughter… Hopefully this book will inspire many to search for laughter, to the gentle comic spirit, in modern Japanese literature as well as its connection to the past.—Angela Yiu, Journal of Japanese Studies

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