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Making Space

How the Brain Knows Where Things Are

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$27.95 • £22.95 • €25.00

ISBN 9780674863217

Publication Date: 11/05/2014


256 pages

7 x 8 inches

12 color illustrations, 13 halftones, 71 line illustrations

Belknap Press


Groh’s book describes the general process by which the brain conceives of space in a highly unconventional and entertaining stream of Jennifer Groh’s consciousness… It lays out a fascinating field of inquiry (which is really multiple fields interwoven convincingly, filtered by Groh’s own thought processes) in a way that shows how a proper scientist thinks.—Stephen L. Macnik, Scientific American

In Making Space, Jennifer Groh has provided an engaging introduction to neuroscientific perspectives on the spatial senses, while also illustrating the contrast with psychological approaches to the functioning of sensory systems.—Gary Hatfield, The Times Literary Supplement

[A] wealth of beautifully intertwined information and knowledge about how sensation and perception work in the brain… There is much to praise here… It is exhilarating to feel [Groh’s] energy and cautious optimism about our capacity to understand how we perceive, and how that could lead to an explanation of how we go around and about in the world.—Tristan Bekinschtein, Times Higher Education

Groh deftly elucidates the mental computations that allow understanding of location and boundaries, interweaving well-judged snippets of history. The mechanisms, such as the brain’s updates on eye movements, are fascinating—as is Groh’s revelation that neurons can ‘do double duty’ in tasks such as spatial navigation and memory.—Barbara Kiser, Nature

Jennifer Groh’s wonderful book offers a much broader insight into how the senses we think of as separate gather information on our environment, and how nerves and the brain process the information to map our bodies and the world… It’s a fascinating subject that Groh describes well… It’s also an important one.—Jeff Hecht, New Scientist

Making Space is written with a light touch, but with impeccable scholarship. It is extremely readable.—Randy Gallistel, Rutgers University

A terrific book; very imaginative, yet based on solid science.—Michael Gazzaniga, author of Who’s in Charge?

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