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The Broken Staff

Judaism through Christian Eyes

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ISBN 9780674865020

Publication Date: 05/01/1992

363 pages

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  • Preface
  • 1. A Gateway to the City of Books
  • 2. Reknitting the Severed Connection
    • Traces of Medieval Christian Hebraists
    • Iberia: The Facade of Coexistence
    • The End of a Thousand-Year Estrangement
    • The Italian Printing House, Chrysalis of Hebraica
  • 3. Rival Interpreters in the Renaissance and Reformation
    • Pico della Mirandola and His Jewish Mentors
    • Johannes Reuchlin in Defense of the Talmud
    • Martin Luther, Sebastian Münster, and John Calvin
    • French Hebraists in a Time of Troubles
    • Rabbinic Transmitters and Christian Receptors
  • 4. The Flowering of Christian Hebraism
    • The Third Culture
    • Scholars and Popularizers
    • The Buxtorfs of Basel
    • Amsterdam, the New Jerusalem
    • Bartolocci among the Neophytes
    • The Broad Expanse of Judaica
  • 5. Seventeenth-Century Uses of Historical Judaism
    • Conversion, the Apostolic Mission
    • Anatomy of the Republic of the Hebrews
    • Biblical Exegesis
    • Latterday Christian Cabbala
    • Judeophobia
    • Eschatology
  • 6. Transition to the Enlightenment
    • A Brazen Reappraisal
    • Conformities of Judaism with Paganism Ancient and Modern
    • Judaism Supererogatory
  • 7. Assault of the English Deists
    • Uniqueness of Judaic Monotheism Denied
    • The Universality of Natural Religious Sentiment
    • Prophecy and Miracles Reconsidered
    • The Barbarous Hebrews
    • Bolingbroke’s Lordly Contempt
    • Thomas Morgan, the Moral Philosopher
    • Dissolving the Bond
  • 8. The French Philosophes: An Ambiguous Record
    • Voltaire’s Obsession
    • Baron d’Holbach’s Synagogue
    • Diderot: A Patchwork Philosophy of the Jews
    • Rousseau on the Tenacity of Mosaic Law
    • Montesquieu’s Spirit of Judaism
  • 9. Catholic Vindications of Israel
    • Residual Judeophobia in Italy and Spain
    • Academic Dissertations on Jewish Antiquities
    • The Biblical Encyclopedism of Dom Augustin Calmet
    • Abbé Guénée, Secretary of the Jews
    • Abbé Bergier: Restoring the Judaic Pillars of Christianity
    • Abbé Grégoire on the Regeneration of the Jews
    • The Revolutionary Dispensation
  • 10. The German Janus
    • Juden in the Leipzig Lexicon
    • Michaelis’ Ethnology of the Ancient Hebrews
    • The Spirit of Sacred Hebrew Poetry: Lowth and Herder
    • Birth of the Judenfrage
    • Dohm’s Final Solution
    • The Predicament of Moses Mendelssohn
    • The Euthanasia of Judaism
    • The Flawed Legacy of the Enlightenment
  • 11. The Aftermath of Liberation
    • Judeophohia and Antisemitism: The Dark Backdrop
    • The Science of Judaism
    • The Higher Criticism
    • The Origins of Christianity
    • The Semites of Renan and Gobineau
    • David Strauss and the Lives of Jesus
    • The Dead Sea Scrolls
    • In Search of a Common Ground
  • Illustrations
  • Notes
  • Index

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