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Harvard Books in Biology 7

Explorations in the Life of Fishes

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Publication Date: 01/01/1971

204 pages

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  • 1. The Success of Teleostean Fishes
    • Size
    • Buoyancy
    • Jaws
    • Reproductive aspects
    • Sense organs and central nervous system
    • The two main groups of teleosts
  • 2. Features of Dynamic Design
  • 3. The Life of Deep-Sea Fishes
    • The sensory life of deep-sea fishes
    • The eyes of mid-water fishes
    • The eyes of bathypelagic fishes
    • The eyes of bottom-dwelling species
    • Olfactory organs
    • The lateral-line system
    • The inner ears
    • Sound-producing mechanisms
    • Cover and camouflage
    • Vertical migrations
    • Organization and environment
    • Concluding considerations
  • 4. Life and Pressure in the Deep Sea
    • Gas-containing organisms
    • Hydrostatic pressure and the vertical distribution of deep-sea life
  • 5. Aspects of Convergent Evolution
    • Convergence of organ systems
    • The sensory system
      • Eyes
      • The acoustico-lateralis system
      • Chemoreceptive systems
    • Central nervous system
    • The teleost swimbladder
    • On certain feeding devices
    • Aspects of camouflage
    • Ways of reproductions
    • Some Adaptive Types of Fishes
    • Surface feeders
    • Adaptive types of the open ocean
      • Epipelagic fishes
      • The mesopelagic zone
      • The bathypelagic zone
      • The bent hopelagic zone
      • The benthic zone of the deep sea
    • Benthic fishes of coastal seas
    • Benthic freshwater fishes
    • General Considerations
    • Organic constraints
    • Convergence and living space
    • Internal constraints
    • The recognition of convergence and phyletic studies
    • Convergences between natural and man-made objects
    • Wider aspects
  • References
  • Index

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