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The Literary Guide to the Bible

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  • General Introduction [Robert Alter and Frank Kermode]
  • The Old Testament
    • Introduction [Robert Alter]
    • Genesis [J. P. Fokkelman]
    • Exodus [J. P. Fokkelman]
    • Leviticus [David Damrosch]
    • Numbers [James S. Ackerman]
    • Deuteronomy [Robert Polzin]
    • Joshua and Judges [David M. Gunn]
    • 1 and 2 Samuel [Joel Rosenberg]
    • 1 and 2 Kings [George Savran]
    • Isaiah [Luis Alonso Schökel]
    • Jeremiah and Ezekiel [Joel Rosenberg]
    • The Twelve Prophets [Herbert Marks]
    • Jonah [James S. Ackerman]
    • Psalms [Robert Alter]
    • Proverbs and Ecclesiastes [James G. Williams]
    • Job [Moshe Greenberg]
    • The Song of Songs [Francis Landy]
    • Ruth [Jack M. Sasson]
    • Lamentations [Francis Landy]
    • Esther [Jack M. Sasson]
    • Daniel [Shemaryahu Talmon]
    • Ezra and Nehemiah [Shemaryahu Talmon]
    • 1 and 2 Chronicles [Shemaryahu Talmon]
  • The New Testament
    • Introduction [Frank Kermode]
    • Matthew [Frank Kermode]
    • Mark [John Drury]
    • Luke [John Drury]
    • John [Frank Kermode]
    • Acts [James M. Robinson]
    • The Pauline Epistles [Michael Goulder]
    • The Epistle to the Hebrews and the Catholic Epistles [Gabriel Josipovici]
    • Revelation [Bernard McGinn]
  • General Essays
    • The Hebrew Bible and Canaanite Literature [Jonas C. Greenfield]
    • The New Testament and Greco-Roman Writing [Helen Elsom]
    • Fishing for Men on the Edge of the Wilderness [Edmund Leach]
    • The Canon [Frank Kermode]
    • The Characteristics of Ancient Hebrew Poetry [Robert Alter]
    • Midrash and Allegory [Gerald L. Bruns]
    • English Translations of the Bible [Gerald Hammond]
  • Glossary
  • Index

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