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The Theory of the Avant-Garde

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ISBN 9780674882164

Publication Date: 10/15/1981


256 pages

Belknap Press


  • I. The Concept of the Avant-Garde
    • Prologue
    • Terminological ups-and-downs
    • The two avant-gardes
    • A novel concept, a novel fact
  • II. The Concept of a Movement
    • Schools and movements
    • The dialectic of movements
    • Activism
    • Antagonism
  • III. Romanticism and the Avant-Garde
    • Popularity and unpopularity
    • Romanticism as a precedent
    • Down-with-the-past
    • Anticipations
  • IV. Agonism and Futurism
    • Nihilism
    • Agonism
    • Futurism
    • Decadence
  • V. Fashion, Taste, and the Public
    • Fashion, avant-garde, and stereotype
    • Intelligentsia and elite
    • The intellectual elite
    • The avant-garde and politics
  • VI. The State of Alienation
    • Art and society
    • Psychological and social alienation
    • Econoimic and cultural alienation
    • Stylistic and aesthetic alienation
  • VII. Technology and the Avant-Garde
    • Experimentalism
    • Scientificism
    • Humorism
    • Nominalistic proof
  • VIII. Avant-Garde Criticism
    • Prerequisites
    • The problem of obscurity
    • Judgment and prejudgment
    • Criticism, right and left
  • IX. Aesthetics and Poetics
    • Dehumanization
    • Cerebralism and voluntarism
    • Metaphysics of the metaphor
    • The mystique of purity
  • X. History and Theory
    • Historical parallels
    • Modernity and modernism
    • The overcoming of the avant-garde
    • Epilogue
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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