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Harvard Historical Studies 79

Throne and Mandarins

China's Search for a Policy during the Sino-French Controversy, 1880-1885

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Harvard Historical Studies


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  • Abbreviations and Note on Dates
  • 1. Introduction: Policy and Power
    • The Throne
    • The Officials
    • Power Derived from an Administrative Role: Li Hung-Chang
    • Power Derived from an Ideological Role: Ch-’ing-i
  • 2. France in Vietnam and China’s Initial Responses
    • Early French Interests in Vietnam
    • Chinese Claims to Sovereignty over Vietnam
    • Decline and Revival of French Activity in Vietnam
    • Chinese Reactions to the New French Advances
    • The Bourée Negotiations
    • Consequences of the Collapse of the Negotiations
  • 3. The Tricou Negotiations
    • Preparations for War
    • Li Hung-Chang Avoids the Southern Command
    • The Tricou Negotiations
    • Causes of the Failure of the Tricou Negotiations
  • 4. Increasing Chinese Belligerence and the Fall of Prince Kung
    • The French Autumn Offensive, 1883
    • Increased Chinese Bellicosity
    • Robert Hart’s Appraisal of China’s Situation
    • Government Responses to the Officials’ Policy Demands
    • The Fall of Son-Tay and Officaldom’s Reactions
    • The Defeat of Bac-Ninh and Tz’u-Hsi’s April Coup
  • 5. The Li–Fournier Negotiations
    • Fournier’s Terms for a Settlement
    • Preparations for the Negotiations
    • The Officials’ Attack on Li Hung-Chang
    • Negotiation of the Li–Fournier Convention
    • The Bac-Le Incident
    • Explanations of the Bac-Le Incident
  • 6. The Tseng–Patenotre Negotiations and Undeclared War
    • Preparations for Renewed Negotiations
    • The Tseng–Patenotre Negotiations and Chinese Hopes for Foreign Mediation
    • French Bombardment of Keelung and Further Demands
    • Chinese Reactions to the Indemnity Demand
    • Chinese “Preparations” for a French Attack at Foochow
    • Undeclared War: Diplomatic Aspects
    • Undeclared War: Military Aspects
  • 7. Prelude to Peace
    • The Court Conference of October 28, 1884
    • The Hart Negotiations
    • Reactions to the Peace
    • The Final Peace Settlement
  • 8. Ch’ing-i and the Chinese State
    • Ch’ing-i Influences
    • The Throne and Policy Vacillation
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
  • Index

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