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Truth and Objectivity

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ISBN 9780674910874

Publication Date: 01/01/1994


262 pages

6 x 9-1/4 inches


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Truth and Objectivity is a strikingly resourceful and serious book, imbued with respect for the difficulty of philosophical problems and a readiness to probe them with all the conceptual instruments of contemporary analytic philosophy.—Timothy Williamson, International Journal of Philosophical Studies

A milestone in the discussion of realism.—Jim Edwards, Mind

Full of interesting ideas and challenging arguments.—Frank Jackson, Philosophical Books

Besides its thorough and subtle examination of [the] multiple criteria of realism, the merit of Truth and Objectivity is to have shown how the naive picture of ‘objective facts’ fragments under scrutiny, to the point that it becomes unclear that we should continue to speak of realism and anti-realism within a domain as if they were definitive positions.—Paul Horwich, The Times Literary Supplement

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