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Harvard English Studies 2

Twentieth-Century Literature in Retrospect

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Publication Date: 11/01/1971


363 pages

Harvard English Studies


  • I. Writers and Critics
    • Dubliners and Erotic Expectation [Monroe Engel]
    • T. S. Eliot [Helen Gardner]
    • The English Novel, circa 1907 [Frank Kermode]
    • Iris Murdoch: The London Novels [Toms L. Martz]
    • The Performing Self [Richard Poirier]
    • The Uses of Yeats’s Poetry [William H. Pritchard]
    • Richards and the Search for Critical Instruments [John Paul Russo]
    • The Prosodies of Free Verse [Donald Wesling]
  • II. Twentieth-Century Valuations Reconsidered
    • T. S. Eliot and The Creation of A Symbolist Shakespeare [G. K. Hunter]
    • Twentieth-Century Donne [Josephine Miles]
    • Affecting the Metaphysics [Stephen Orgel]
    • Conjuring With Nature: Some Twentieth-Century Readings of Pastoral [David Kalstone]
    • The Milton Controversy [Paul J. Alpers]
    • Visible Poetry: Pope and Modern Criticism [Thomas R. Edwards]
    • Wordsworth: The Creative Conditions [F. R. Leavis]
    • The Twentieth-Century Wordsworth [Christopher Ricks]

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