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Collective Choice and Social Welfare

An Expanded Edition

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ISBN 9780674919211

Publication Date: 05/17/2018


640 pages

United States and its dependencies only

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Related Subjects

  • Preface (1970)
  • New Preface (2017): Social Choice and this Book
    • Individual Values and Social Choice
    • Getting Involved
    • What Did the 1970 Book Try to Do?
    • This Expanded Edition
    • The Chapters
    • Democracy, Majority and Rights
    • Partial Orderings
    • Reasoning and Information
  • Acknowledgements
  • New Introduction (2017)
    • Early Origins
    • Modern Social Choice Theory
    • Impossibility Results and Proximate Possibilities
    • Crisis in Welfare Economics
    • Attempted Repairs and Further Crises
    • Welfare Economics and Voting Information
    • Informational Penury as a Cause of Social Choice Problems
    • Incorporating More Information in Social Decisions
    • What Difference Does It Make?
    • Interpersonal Comparison of What?
    • Capabilities and Primary Goods
    • Poverty as Capability Deprivation
    • Capability Deprivation and Gender Inequality
    • Voting and Majority Decisions
    • Liberty and Rights
    • Concluding Remarks
  • A Note on the Texts
  • Collective Choice and Social Welfare (1970)
    • 1. Introduction
    • 1*. Preference Relations
    • 2. Unanimity
    • 2*. Collective Choice Rules and Pareto Comparisons
    • 3. Collective Rationality
    • 3*. Social Welfare Functions
    • 4. Choice Versus Orderings
    • 4*. Social Decision Functions
    • 5. Values and Choice
    • 5*. Anonymity, Neutrality and Responsiveness
    • 6. Conflicts and Dilemmas
    • 6*. The Liberal Paradox
    • 7. Interpersonal Aggregation and Comparability
    • 7*. Aggregation Quasi-Orderings
    • 8. Cardinality With or Without Comparability
    • 8*. Bargains and Social Welfare Functions
    • 9. Equity and Justice
    • 9*. Impersonality and Collective Quasi-Orderings
    • 10. Majority Choice and Related Systems
    • 10*. Restricted Preferences and Rational Choice
    • 11. Theory and Practice
  • Collective Choice and Social Welfare (2017)
    • A1. Enlightenment and Impossibility
    • A1*. Social Preference
    • A2. Rationality and Consistency
    • A2*. Problems of Social Choice
    • A3. Justice and Equity
    • A3*. Social Welfare Evaluation
    • A4. Democracy and Public Engagement
    • A4*. Votes and Majorities
    • A5. The Idea of Rights
    • A5*. Rights and Social Choice
    • A6. Reasoning and Social Decisions
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Subject Index
  • Name Index

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