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Foretelling the End of Capitalism

Intellectual Misadventures since Karl Marx

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ISBN 9780674919327

Publication Date: 05/12/2020

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336 pages

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Lively and wide-ranging… Moves briskly across a century and a half of intellectual history, from Marx and John Stuart Mill in the mid-19th century (when the term ‘capitalism’ entered the lexicon) to the aftermath of the 2008 crash.—Daniel Luban, The Nation

A sprawling, informative, thought-provoking, and opinionated history of ideas.—Andrew Stuttaford, The Wall Street Journal

Is this the beginning of capitalism’s end? If you think it might be—whether you are eagerly awaiting capitalism’s collapse or anxiously anticipating it—Francesco Boldizzoni’s new book…will make you think twice.—Alyssa Battistoni, Boston Review

Boldizzoni has a deep familiarity with the thinking of both the anti-capitalist left and the pro-capitalist right, and his discussion of the intellectual evolution of various factions within both camps is superb.—Ryan Cooper, Washington Monthly

Takes us on a 200-page tour of capitalism’s critics, from the well-worn fields of Marx, Mill and Keynes through the wilder thickets of critical theory.The Spectator

An intellectual achievement… Foretelling the End of Capitalism will be an excellent reference point for debating the future of capitalism and human history.—Hans G. Despain, Marx & Philosophy Review of Books

This beautifully written book captures the peculiar complicity between hope and disappointment that characterizes prophecies about the end of capitalism over the last three centuries. It will be of great interest to readers, both as a cautionary tale about prophecy and as a model study of the logic of capitalism itself.—Arjun Appadurai, New York University

Francesco Boldizzoni shows how predicting the collapse of capitalism is as old as capitalism itself. He illuminates a tradition of economic thinking that has justified do-nothing posturing in the name of revolution, and how it resists learning lessons of its own failures. This book is also a brilliant study of the cult of forecasting.—Jeremy Adelman, Princeton University

Foretelling the End of Capitalism is an essential book for anyone interested in intellectual history and political economy. It will play a major role in current debates on capitalism and its future, as well as on crisis and crisis theory.—Wolfgang Streeck, author of How Will Capitalism End?

Boldly written and brimming with new insights on every page, this is not your grandfather’s old and staid intellectual history. Boldizzoni takes us through a fast-paced history of capitalism’s failed doomsayers—only to then explain why they clearly underestimated its elongated life expectancy and stubborn durability. A superb intellectual history of how people have (wrongly) predicted and imagined the end of capitalism from the time of Marx until today.—Eli Cook, author of The Pricing of Progress

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