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The Uses of Error

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ISBN 9780674931527

Publication Date: 02/01/1991


432 pages

6 x 9 inches

Not for sale in UK & British Commonwealth (except Canada)

  • Introduction
  • I.
    • Augustine
    • Joachim of Fiore
    • Deciphering the Big Book
    • The Lattimore Version
    • Sacred Space: Christian Verse
    • Beethoven at Home
  • II.
    • Fighting Freud
    • Freud is Better in German
    • Work and Play
    • Sic Transit Marshall McLuhan
    • Philippe Ariès’ Bumper Book of Death
    • Paul de Man’s Abyss
    • Talking about Doing: The Deconstructionists and the New Historicists
  • III.
    • Frances Yates and Imperial Secrets
    • Roy Strong: Policy and Pageantry
    • Protestant Poetry
    • How Do You Spell Shakespeare?
    • Shakespeare for the Eighties
  • IV.
    • Grandeur and Filth: The Victorian Cities
    • Tennyson’s Nerves
    • Victorian Vocations: Frederic Harrison and Leslie Stephen
    • Squalor: On George Gissing
    • A Little of this Honey: Oscar Wilde
    • Georgian Eyes are Smiling: Shaw and Conrad in Their Letters
  • V.
    • Wells’s Ladder
    • Forster and Maurice
    • Yes, Santa, There is a Virginia
    • The Feast of St Thomas
    • Poetry à la Mode
    • On William Gerhardie
    • The Essential Orwell
    • Half-Way Up the Hill: The Young John Betjeman
    • Connolly’s World
    • Oldham to Blackheath: Roy Fuller
    • Remembering the Movement
    • Obsessed with Obsession: Julian Barnes
    • Losers: Anita Brookner
    • The Horse of the Baskervilles: Umberto Eco
  • VI.
    • The Faces of Man
    • The Men From Man
    • My Formation
    • A Stroll Around the Block
    • On Being an Enemy of Humanity
    • The Uses of Error

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