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Harvard East Asian Monographs 101

Utilitarian Confucianism

Ch’en Liang’s Challenge to Chu Hsi

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Publication Date: 04/06/1982


  • Foreword [Benjamin I. Schwartz]
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
    • Ch’en Liang in Chinese Historical Consciousness
    • This Present Appraisal of Ch’en Liang
    • The “New” 1212 Edition and Standard Editions of Ch’en Liang’s Works
  • 1. Confucian Polarities and Evolving Configurations in Sung Thought
    • Some Problems and Polarities in Early Confucianism
    • Orientations within Sung Learning: From Unity to Fragmentation of the Tao
    • Tao-hsueh and Conflicts with Other Schools of Sung Learning
    • Southern Sung: From Accommodation to Confrontation
    • Chekiang Tao-hsueh Prior to Ch’en Liang’s Challenge to Chu Hsi in the 1180s
  • 2. The Development of Ch’en Liang’s Thought and Personality
    • Youthful Phase as Ju-neng, 1143 to 1168
    • Transitional Tao-hsueh and Politically Conservative Phase as Liang, 1168 to 1178
    • Utilitarian and Relativistic Phase as T’ung-fu, 1178 to 1194
  • 3. Factors of Personality and Relationship in the Evolution of the Debate
  • 4. The Debate on Ethics in Politics
    • Ch’en Liang: The Utilitarian Ethic of End Results
    • Chu Hsi: A Morality of Personal Virtue and Motivation
  • 5. The Debate on the Tao and Other Values in History
    • Ch’en Liang: The Relative and Immanent Tao
    • Chu Hsi: The Timeless Integrity of Fundamental Values
    • Ch’en Liang’s Relativism and the Absolutism of Some Political Principles
  • 6. Politics and the Debate: Illustrated through the Issue of a War to Regain North China; and Reflected in Polarizations between Schools of Thought
    • A Comparison of Arguments for the Sung Restoration of North China
    • The Impact of the Debate on Polarizations between Schools of Thought
  • Conclusion
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
  • Index

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