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Utopian Thought in the Western World

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  • Introduction: The Utopian Propensity
  • I. The Ancient and Medieval Wellsprings
    • Paradise and the Millennium
    • The Golden Age of Kronos
    • The Great Transmission
  • II. The Birth of Utopia
    • The Passion of Thomas More
    • A Città Felice for Architects and Philosophers
    • Heaven on Earth for the Common Man
  • III. Flowering and Death of the Christian Utopia
    • Pansophia: A Dream of Science
    • Bruno, the Magus of Nola
    • Bacon, Trumpeter of New Atlantis
    • Campanella’s City of the Sun
    • Andreae, Pastor of Christianopolis
    • Comenius and His Disciples
    • Topsy-Turvy in the English Civil War
    • The Sun King and His Enemies
    • Leibniz: The Swan Song of the Christian Republic
  • IV. Eupsychias of the Enlightenment
    • The Philosophes’s Dilemma
    • The Monde Ideal of Jean-Jacques
    • Freedom from the Wheel
    • Turgot on the Future of Mind
    • Condorcet: Progression to Elysium
    • Kant: Beyond Animality
  • V. A Revolutionary Diptych
    • New Faces of Love
    • Equality or Death
  • VI. The Union of Labor and Love
    • The Battle of the Systems
    • Saint-Simon: The Pear Is Ripe
    • Children of Saint-Simon: The Triumph of Love
    • Fourier: The Burgeoning of Instinct
    • Owen’s New Moral World
  • VII. Marx and Counter-Marx
    • Marx and Engels in the Landscape of Utopia
    • Comte, High Priest of the Positivist Church
    • Anarchy and the Heroic Proletariat
  • VIII. The Twilight of Utopia
    • Utopia Victoriana
    • Darwinism, the Ambiguous Intruder
    • Freudo-Marxism, a Hybrid for the Times
  • Epilogue: The Utopian Prospect
  • Notes
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index

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