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Value in Ethics and Economics

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  • Preface
  • 1. A Pluralist Theory of Value
    • A Rational Attitude Theory of Value
    • Ideals and Self-Assessment
    • How Goods Differ in Kind (I): Different Modes of Valuation
    • How Goods Differ in Kind (II): Social Relations of Realization
  • 2. An Expressive Theory of Rational Action
    • Value and Rational Action
    • The Framing of Decisions
    • The Extrinsic Value of States of Affairs
    • Consequentialism
    • Practical Reason and the Unity of the Self
  • 3. Pluralism and Incommensurable Goods
    • The Advantages of Consequentialism
    • A Pragmatic Theory of Comparative Value Judgments
    • Incommensurable Goods
    • Rational Choice among Incommensurable Goods
  • 4. Self-Understanding, the Hierarchy of Values, and Moral Constraints
    • The Test of Self-Understanding
    • The Hierarchy of Values
    • Agent-Centered Restrictions
    • Hybrid Consequentialism
    • A Self-Effacing Theory of Practical Reason?
  • 5. Criticism, Justification, and Common Sense
    • A Pragmatic Account of Objectivity
    • The Thick Conceptual Structure of the Space of Reasons
    • How Common Sense Can Be Self-Critical
    • Why We Should Ignore Skeptical Challenges to Common Sense
  • 6. Monistic Theories of Value
    • Monism
    • Moore’s Aesthetic Monism
    • Hedonism
    • Rational Desire Theory
  • 7. The Ethical Limitations of the Market
    • Pluralism, Freedom, and Liberal Politics
    • The Ideals and Social Relations of the Modern Market
    • Civil Society and the Market
    • Personal Relations and the Market
    • Political Goods and the Market
    • The Limitations of Market Ideologies
  • 8. Is Women’s Labor a Commodity?
    • The Case of Commercial Surrogate Motherhood
    • Children as Commodities
    • Women’s Labor as a Commodity
    • Contract Pregnancy and the Status of Women
    • Contract Pregnancy, Freedom, and the Law
  • 9. Cost–Benefit Analysis, Safety, and Environmental Quality
    • Cost–Benefit Analysis as a Form of Commodification
    • Autonomy, Labor Markets, and the Value of Life
    • Citizens, Consumers, and the Value of the Environment
    • Toward Democratic Alternatives to Cost–Benefit Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Index

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