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Voice and Equality

Civic Voluntarism in American Politics

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ISBN 9780674942936

Publication Date: 09/26/1995


664 pages

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Related Subjects

    • 1. Introduction
  • I. The World of Participation
    • 2. Defining Political Participation
    • 3. Political Participation: How Much? About What?
    • 4. Interpreting Political Activity: A Report from Activists
    • 5. Recruiting Political Activists
  • II. Participation and Representation
    • 6. Thinking about Participatory Representation
    • 7. Who Participates? Economic Circumstances and Needs
    • 8. Who Participates? Race, Ethnicity, and Gender
  • III. The Civic Voluntarism Model
    • 9. Explaining Participation: Introductory Considerations
    • 10. Resources for Politics: Time and Money
    • 11. Resources for Politics: Civic Skills
    • 12. Resources, Engagement, and Political Activity
    • 13. Institutions and Recruitment
    • 14. Participation and the Politics of Issue Engagement
    • 15. From Generation to Generation: The Roots of Participatory Factors
  • IV. Participation, Representation, and Democracy
    • The Participatory Process and the Sources of Representational Distortion
    • Conclusion: Voice and Equality in Democratic Participation
  • Appendixes
    • A. Citizen Participation Sample
    • B. Questions and Variables
    • C. Measuring Representation and Distortion
    • D. Specification of the Civic Voluntarism Model
    • E. Measuring the Amount of Activity
    • F. Supplementary Tables
  • Index

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