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  • Foreword to the German Edition
  • Introduction by John Deathridge
  • Note on Citations
  • I. Works: The Dramatist
    • 1. The Operas as Literary Works [Peter Wapnewski]
  • II. Biography and Reception: History, Ideology, Research
    • 2. Wagner’s Place in the History of Music [Carl Dahlhaus]
    • 3. Wagner in the History of Psychology [Isolde Vetter]
    • 4. The Revolutionary of 1848-1849 [Rüdiger Krohn]
    • 5. The Question of Anti-Semitism [Dieter Borchmeyer]
    • 6. The Political Influence and Appropriation of Wagner [Ernst Hanisch]
    • 7. A Brief History of Wagner Research [John Deathridge]
  • III. Works: Sources, Influences, Aesthetics
    • 8. Wagner and Antiquity by [Ulrich Müller]
    • 9. Wagner’s Middle Ages [Volker Mertens]
    • 10. The Dramatic Texts [Peter Branscombe]
    • 11. Wagner and Schopenhauer [Hartmut Reinhardt]
    • 12. The Music [Carl Dahlhaus]
  • IV. Biography and Reception: Decadence and the Dawn of “Wagnerism”
    • 13. The Patronage of King Ludwig II [Manfred Eger]
    • 14. Wagner and Nietzsche [Dieter Borchmeyer]
    • 15. Wagnerism as Concept and Phenomenon [Erwin Koppen]
    • 16. Wagner and the Visual Arts [Günter Metken]
    • 17. Wagner in Literature and Film [Ulrich Müller]
  • V. Works: The Composer
    • 18. The Musical Works [Werner Breig]
  • VI. Biography and Reception: Bayreuth, Performance, Musical Influence
    • 19. The Bayreuth Festival and the Wagner Family [Manfred Eger]
    • 20. Performance History: A Brief Survey [Oswald Bauer]
    • 21. Sprechgesang or Bel Canto: Toward a History of Singer Wagner [Jens Malt Fischer]
    • 22. Wagner’s Musical Influence [Carl Dahlhaus]
  • Part VII: Works: The Writer
    • 23. The Prose Writings [Jürgen Kühnel]
  • Bibliographical Abbreviations
  • Acknowledgments
  • Contributors
  • Index of Wagner’s Musical Works
  • Index of Wagner’s Writings
  • General Index

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