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Wally’s Stories

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$28.50 • £22.95 • €25.50

ISBN 9780674945937

Publication Date: 03/15/1987

Academic Trade

232 pages

5-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches


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In a book exceptionally modest in manner and unusually substantial in matter, Mrs. Paley has given a vivid and credible picture of how five-year-olds think. An entertaining picture, too, and a strangely inspiriting one.—D. J. Enright, The Times Literary Supplement

This remarkable book is delightful to read and rewarding to ponder. It is the kind of book a teacher quotes to friends, shares with colleagues, and uses as a source of working ideas and inspiration.—Alice Seletsky, Elementary School Journal

[These] are the reflections of an expert, sensitive, experienced ‘kid-watcher,’ who believes that the children’s magical thinking provides a legitimate framework within which more adult-like thinking can develop… Wally’s Stories does not simply ‘instruct’; it also unfailingly delights.—Judith Lindfors, Language Arts

Paley’s anecdotal record of a kindergarten class is a reflective examination of how five-year-olds think and of how one child’s well-developed imagination can catalyze a class… She has fresh insights to offer from this particular arena as she reminds us that magic gives children power in a world where adults seem to have the answers. A trenchant informal analysis.Kirkus Reviews

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