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What’s Fair

American Beliefs about Distributive Justice

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ISBN 9780674950870

Publication Date: 01/01/1986


360 pages

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5 line illustrations, 8 tables


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A well written, interesting, and pertinent study… This book will have a significant impact because of the excellent quality of the research and also because of the important questions it generates.American Political Science Review

What the book succeeds in showing admirably is that the person in the street can make sophisticated, reasoned and complex judgments about problems of economic justice. Moreover, Hochschild does a good job in revealing the emotional colour that people attach to their distributive judgments… This is an illuminating and thought-provoking book.Journal of Social Policy

This is the work of a quite exceptional mind and demonstrates a fine sense of complexity, of texture, of depth, and of honesty. It combines a theoretical schema about justice or equality with a series of well-conducted interviews about justice or equality in family, school, polity, and economy.—Douglas Rae, coauthor of Equalities

Jennifer Hochschild’s book is an impressive work which tackles an intellectual problem of obvious importance, the complex views of the ordinary American citizen about equality. Using the results of lengthy, in-depth interviews, Ms. Hochschild manages to present an enormous amount of evidence without ever losing sight of her larger project. She writes well and handles the quotations from her subjects with sensitivity and clarity.—Kay L. Schlozman, coauthor of Injury to Insult: Unemployment, Class, and Political Response

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