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When Fathers Ruled

Family Life in Reformation Europe

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ISBN 9780674951211

Publication Date: 10/15/1985


248 pages

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Studies in Cultural History


Every few years scholarly books on the Reformation are written in this country that challenge established theories, present fresh insights, and stimulate our research. In a sense they are milestones in the field of Reformation studies. I think that Steven Ozment’s well-researched book will also be recognized as such a work. Ozment’s skillful use of hitherto-neglected material and his vivid picture of marriage and family in Protestant Germany will give a new direction to sixteenth-century social history.American Historical Review

When Fathers Ruled is the work of one of America’s foremost historians of Reformation theology… [Ozment shows] a willingness to take controversial stands on major historiographical issues, [and] a prose style rich in striking formulations and vivid anecdotes.Journal of Interdisciplinary History

As an account of literate culture’s attitudes to marriage and parenthood, it is gripping and challenging.Journal of Modern History

Our common understanding of the early modern family, and particularly its relationship to the Reformation, will have to take cognizance of Ozment’s work.Journal of Social History

When Fathers Ruled is nothing less than a superbly written encomium to the early modern family… Using a variety of fresh sources, Ozment offers his readers conclusions that are controversial and provocative. Most significantly, his work should promote a reevaluation of the early modern family in its social context and in the context of Protestant virtues and vices.The Sixteenth Century Journal

This is a splendid book on a ‘hot’ topic…an original if controversial argument… Skillfully argued and artfully documented… Fascinating fresh evidence.—Robert Kingdon, University of Wisconsin

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