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Who Will Teach?

Policies That Matter

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Publication Date: 11/01/1991


192 pages

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  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. The Teaching Profession at a Turning Point
    • Carrots and Sticks
    • Critical Questions
    • Incentives
    • An Opportunity for Change
  • 2. Who Prepares to Teach?
    • The Shrinking Personnel Pool
    • The Changing Demographic Profile of New Licensees
    • Different Teaching Specialties for Different Times
  • 3. Who Becomes a Teacher?
    • National Trends
    • North Carolina Trends
    • Incentives Matter
  • 4. Finding Skilled Teachers: Hiring Practices Make a Difference
    • Hiring New Teachers: Two Case Studies
    • Problems and Solutions
  • 5. How Long Do Teachers Stay in Teaching?
    • Attrition Is High in the First Years
    • Race Makes a Difference
    • Mature Women Stay, Younger Women Leave
    • Elementary School Teachers Stay the Longest, Chemistry and Physics Teachers the Shortest
    • Teachers with High Test Scores Leave
    • Teachers Who Are Paid More Stay Longer
    • Staffing the Schools in the 1990s
  • 6. Who Returns to Teaching?
    • Most Career Interruptions Are Short
    • Women Are More Likely to Return than Men
    • Elementary Teachers Are the Most Likely to Return, Chemistry and Physics Teachers the Least Likely
    • Teachers with Higher Test Scores Are Less Likely to Return
    • The Reserve Pool in the Future
  • 7. Revising Licensing Requirements
    • The Economics of Occupational Licensing
    • Why Traditional Licensing Requirements for Teachers Are Flawed
    • Why Licensing of Teachers Is Necessary
    • Evidence Informing the Redesign of Licensing Requirements
    • Directions for New Licensing Requirements
    • Trade-offs in the Design of Performance Assessments
    • The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
    • Alternative Assessment Approaches
    • Using Performance Assessments in Teacher Licensing: Evidence from Connecticut
    • Reforming Licensing Requirements: Necessary, But Not Enough
  • 8. Getting the Incentives Right
    • Fruitless Policies
    • Elements of a Promising Strategy
    • Stimulating Change
    • Critical Questions
  • A Final Word
  • Appendix A Research Context: Whom Did We Study?
  • Appendix B Methodology
  • Notes
  • Index

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