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Women and Faith

Catholic Religious Life in Italy from Late Antiquity to the Present

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Publication Date: 11/01/1999


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They are remarkably successful in offering a wealth of information and skillfully guiding the reader through historiographical controversies… This collection makes an important contribution to the ongoing debate about the relation of Christianity and the status of women by showing the enormous complexity of the question, and provides much food for thought.—Elisabeth G. Gleason, The Catholic Historical Review

Originally published in Italian, this is the English translation of a series of excellent essays exploring the tenuous relationship experienced by women between their spirituality and the Catholic Church… These assorted essays make significant contribution to the ongoing conversations around whether institutional religion is primarily responsible for the continued oppression of women or instead opened doors toward autonomy, empowerment, and access to culture and public life.Magistra

These thought-provoking essays explore the rewards, ambiguities, and contradictions experienced by women in their relationship with Christian spirituality and the Catholic Church from late antiquity to the twentieth century. Virtually all the essays are excellent, some are a real tour de force. This book will have a wide audience among those interested in the history of women and the history of religion.—Judith C. Brown, Rice University

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