Cover: Word, Image, and Deed in the Life of Su Shi in HARDCOVER

Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series 39

Word, Image, and Deed in the Life of Su Shi

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Publication Date: 04/01/1994


380 pages

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Harvard University Asia Center > Harvard-Yenching Institute Monograph Series

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  • Preface
  • Chronology of the Life of Su Shi
  • Part 1: First Fame and Remonstrations: The Decree Exam
    • A. On Rites, Human Nature, and Governance
    • B. On Historical Figures
    • C. The Essay on Zhang Liang
  • Part 2: National Politics: Opposition to the New Policies
    • A. Initial Dissent
    • B. Protest Poetry from the Provinces
    • C. Arrest and Trial
  • Part 3: Towards Theories of Knowledge and Self
    • A. On the New Learning and Other Fallacies
    • B. Commentaries on the Changes and Documents
  • Part 4: National Politics Again: Yuanyou-Period Factionalism
    • A. The Split with Sima Guang
    • B. The Dispute with Cheng Yi
    • C. “Saying White Is Black and West is East”
  • Part 5: Provincial Activism In and Out of Office
    • A. Famine Relief in Hangzhou
    • B. Other Undertakings as Prefect
    • C. Private Initiatives
  • Part 6: A Thousand Arms and Eyes: Buddhist Influences
    • A. The Centrality of Compassion
    • B. Chan, Pure Land, Bodhisattvas
    • C. No-Mind and Responding to Things
    • D. Non-Attachment
    • E. Lingering Reservations
  • Part 7: The Mirror in the Mind: Poetry in the Shi Form
    • A. The Uses of Play
    • B. Imaging the Poet in the World
    • C. The Problem of the Emotions
  • Part 8: The Literature of Exile
    • A. The Circumstances of Exile
    • B. Philosophy and Its Limitations
    • C. East Slope, Tao Qian, Determined Contentment
    • D. Transcending the World of Men
    • E. Poetry of Resentment and Defiance
  • Part 9: Calligraphy and Painting
    • A. Broadening Guwen Views on Calligraphy
    • B. Expressing New Meaning
    • C. The Moment of Execution
    • D. Two Approaches to Painting
    • E. Signification of the Painted Subject
    • F. Pattern, Lodging, Knowledge
    • G. Painting and Poetry
    • H. The Question of Motivation
  • Part 10: Washing Away the Silks and Perfumes: Subjectivity in the Song Lyric (Ci)
    • A. Reasons for a New Style
    • B. Xiaoling: Abroad in the World
    • C. Manci: Fading Visions, Fleeting Thoughts
  • Conclusions
    • A. Early Appraisals
    • B. Ambivalence over Aesthetic Pursuits
    • C. The Meanings of Wen
    • D. The Utility of a Multidimensional View
  • Abbreviations Used in the Notes
  • Notes
  • List of Works Cited
  • Chinese Title Index
  • Glossary-Index

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