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Words and Life

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Publication Date: 08/11/1995


608 pages

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Related Subjects

  • Introduction [James Conant]
  • 1. The Return of Aristotle
    • A. How Old Is the Mind?
    • B. Changing Aristotle’s Mind [with Martha C. Nussbaum]
    • C. Aristotle after Wittgenstein
  • 2. The Legacy of Logical Positivism
    • A. Logical Positivism and Intentionality
    • B. Reichenbach’s Metaphysical Picture
    • C. Reichenbach and the Myth of the Given
    • D. Reichenbach and the Limits of Vindication
  • 3. The Inheritance of Pragmatism
    • A. Pragmatism and Moral Objectivity
    • B. Pragmatism and Relativism: Universal Values and Traditional Ways of Life
    • C. Dewey’s Logic: Epistemology as Hypothesis [with Ruth Anna Putnam]
    • D. Education for Democracy [with Ruth Anna Putnam]
  • 4. Essays after Wittgenstein
    • A. Rethinking Mathematical Necessity
    • B. Does the Disquotational Theory of Truth Solve All Philosophical Problems?
    • C. Realism without Absolutes
    • D. The Question of Realism
  • 5. Truth and Reference
    • A. On Truth
    • B. A Comparison of Something with Something Else
    • C. Model Theory and the “Factuality” of Semantics
    • D. Probability and the Mental
  • 6. Mind and Language
    • A. Artificial Intelligence: Much Ado about Not Very Much
    • B. Models and Modules: Fodor’s The Modularity of Mind
    • C. Reflexive Reflections
    • D. Reductionism and the Nature of Psychology
    • E. Why Functionalism Didn’t Work
  • 7. The Diversity of the Sciences
    • A. The Diversity of the Sciences
    • B. The Idea of Science
    • C. Three Kinds of Scientific Realism
    • D. Philosophy of Mathematics: Why Nothing Works
    • E. The Cultural Impact of Newton: Pope’s Essay on Man and Those “Happy Pieties”
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